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Rainy season in Bangkok
For Thai people, we always say we have 3 seasons in Thailand which are summer, rainy and winter. Well, I never feel a slight coolness of winter. Like some travel guide books, it says Thailand has only 2 seasons: dry and wet. I think this is true. The wet seasons usually starts in May. It lasts until September, but sometimes October.

Rain brings good things and bad things to us. Let’s talk about bad things first. Talking about the weather is probably one of the favourite topics of Bangkokians. Rain and traffic jam are soulmates in Bangkok. In other areas if the weather is really bad, you may not be able to travel especially by boats. There are a lot of mosquitoes in rainy seasons. So avoid being bitten and sick.

Sometimes you will find yourself standing in a pouring rain but you can still enjoy doing things while raining such as reading or planning for the next destination, swimming in flood like crazy foreigners, enjoying green rice fields, etc. (Please see all photos above)

All in all, we just want you to be careful not to get sick and leave extra early if you have to catch a flight.

Because we love you.
Siamaze team

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